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Hi, we're Don Rodgers and Russ Kelly and we're asking for your vote to represent your voice on November 7th.


I live on Broadway, I am running for council and am asking for your support. I was born and raised in New Jersey, spending my entire life on the Jersey Shore, and I am proud to call Point Pleasant Beach home.

My career has been spent organizing, managing and most importantly listening to others. I have worked within large budgets and more often times with no money at all. I understand what it means to have the entrepreneurial spirit, and how that same kind of spirit can drive the community in a small town.

I care about Point Pleasant Beach - our residents, our businesses, our natural landscape. But more can be done to address your concerns, and to always make sure this is a place you are proud to call home. You can count on me to never cast a vote that would jeopardize our communities and neighborhoods. I’ll work tirelessly to fix areas that need improving and maintain what is already great.

If elected councilman, I will use my experience combined with all of my energy to always put our community of Point Pleasant Beach first.

Thank you for your support!






Stabilize taxes, eliminate wasteful spending and increase nontax revenue.


Safer, cleaner, more pedestrian friendly sidewalks and streets.


A commitment to long term small business success.




Why Don Is Running

I made the decision to run for council during the summer of 2016, after hearing many of your concerns at gatherings and events. Too often, your concerns go unheard and ultimately unanswered. I know there is a better way, especially for such a small town like ours. I've made a career out of listening and problem solving. We're a small town geographically, but bursting with the crowds of people come the summer months. This situation presents a unique set of circumstances for us. My approach is different. The benefits or impacts to our community and neighborhoods will always guide my decision making. That is why I have decided to ask for your vote as councilman in Point Pleasant Beach.


published 5/5/17


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