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    品牌介紹corporate culture



    海人竹床墊,由湖南海人家居有限公司(婁底市海人科技開發有限公司)生產、制造、出品。公司創建于2005年,現有員工920人,擁有一批既有理論基礎又有豐富經驗的專業技術人才,其中大專以上學歷110人、研發人員55人。2017年,公司銷售收入7.32億元,年利潤4022萬元,上繳稅金4542萬元 。在全國100多個縣市建立550多個銷售網點。



    Hai Ren bamboo mattress is produced, manufactured and produced by Hunan Hai Ren home limited company (Loudi Hai Ren Technology Development Co., Ltd.). The company was founded in 2005, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, total assets of 155 million 502 thousand yuan, fixed assets of 51 million 636 thousand yuan, and 362 employees. In 2017, the company's sales revenue was 371 million 625 thousand yuan, the annual profit was 33 million 137 thousand yuan, the tax was paid 24 million 523 thousand yuan, and more than 550 sales outlets were established in more than 100 counties and cities nationwide.

    The bamboo mattress of the sea people has changed the structure technology of the world mattress using steel wire as the inner liner for more than 140 years. It overcomes the defects of the spring rust and deformation, solves the difficult problem of the soft mattress caused by the waist pain, and solves the world problem of the brown board which is easy to produce insects. It is a new type mattress replacing the spring mattress with brown mattress. Because of its unique spring and elastic, environmental protection and non lumbago characteristics and folding, disassembly, and other advantages, low transportation costs, since the market, users are very fond of, is a very promising product.

    The company has been rated as one of the key forestry enterprises in the country. Hunan's top 100 agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Hunan high and new technology enterprises, Hunan forestry industrialization leading enterprises, and Hunan specialize new enterprises. The "sea man bamboo mattress" has won many honors such as the national user satisfaction product, the national forestry industry innovation award, the famous brand products of Hunan Province, the patent award of Hunan Province, and the gold prize in the four Hunan provincial fair. And passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and ISO14004:2004 environmental management system certification. 22 Chinese patents (including 3 invention patents and 19 utility model patents) have been successfully developed, which have developed a series of new products such as elastic wooden chair, bamboo mattress, disassembled bamboo mattress, thin bamboo mattress, change chair massage mattress, winter and summer dual-use mattresses and dismantling, and have a product sales office in Jiangxi Nan Kang Home Expo Center. Sha Tin Wan Zi International Furniture City has marketing center and model shop.



    竹條取代彈簧 海人顛覆床墊